Trump’s Response to Covid-19

Johanna Sandoval

President Trump’s actions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have had major damage on the recovery of the country and the lives of thousands of people affected by the virus. Trump’s constant downplay of the severity of the virus has kept from any significant progress. 


Evidence came out in a tape released by Bob Woodward that Trump had knowledge that Covid-19 was airborne. He calls the virus “really deadly stuff.” But back in march he claimed “It goes away… it’s going away, with very, very few deaths.” Yet continuously held rally’s with large numbers of people after the death toll surpassed 200,000. He lied to the public about the severity of the virus. 


With the upcoming election it would be significantly safer for votes to be placed through an all-mail voting system to decrease the risk of exposure to the virus. He continuously says that the election could be easily rigged by using this method. Though it is a system that has been used for years for soldiers who are stationed overseas. Trump himself voted by mail more than once. The chance of fraud being present in the election is very low, but he uses this as a reason for people to vote in person. 


During a time when there seems to be no progress in containing the virus the president should be encouraging the public to practice social distancing and to use masks when around others. He is seen continuously criticizing the effectiveness of the masks and even mocking others who use them. 


President Trump claims that all his actions are to stop a massive panic. His actions though go far beyond that to the point where he is neglecting important information. During the time there was a large panic in New York they had a large decrease in cases. If he continues to push aside the severity of the pandemic it is unlikely that the country will make any significant progress in recovering.