Stay-At-Home Mom Overload

Margie Martinez, Writer

As of October there has been a massive decrease in employed women. This called attention due to the fact that it is primarily women. The rate is much higher than that of men. The decrease is quite alarming.
The percentage of unemployed women during the pandemic is at 8% while the percentage of unemployed men is at 3.8%. Women’s unemployment rate skyrocketed due to the pandemic.
During the pandemic we have had to completely change our way of living. It has changed regular day to day activities. Many have big impacts on the world. One big impact is student education.
Education has become something that many are finding difficult to pursue and very different from what they are used to. The difficulty of school has mostly targeted those in grades 1-5.
The kids can not maneuver around their school websites as well as older kids. For them to get through their school day they need a helping hand. That helping hand being their mothers.
The new remote learning is to blame for the jurassic decrease in female employment. Mothers all around have had to put their children first and make a tough decision with their spouses.
That decision being, who will stay home to guide the kids through online school? The answer to that of course is mothers. Many moms have never been stay-at-home moms until now. A stay-at-home mom does not work and stays home to watch over their children, always making sure they are clean, fed, and educated.
Many moms are new to that lifestyle and are finding it difficult to adapt. Many are becoming stressed due to the fact that they are now receiving no income or less than usual.
Many of the women have gone on unemployment. This means that their jobs still pay them although they are home. The amount does not compare to what they receive while employed, and women are not satisfied with the amount.
Not all are lucky enough to be provided unemployment. A Lot of women have completely lost their jobs. They are depending on their spouses to bring in all the income to keep the house hold going.
Many women are talking about expecting another if not continuous stimulus checks. They believe the government should provide the money for extra support during this pandemic.
This cycle has become very draining to these mothers who have sacrificed their careers for the future of their children. The duration of this new lifestyle is not known. It could last a lot longer than we expect, and many do not have the strength to surpass these difficult times.