Immigration Update

Clara Hernandez-Figueroa

What do you know about Immigration? An immigrant is simply a person who comes from a foreign country looking for permanent residency elsewhere.What most people don’t know are all the changes that have happened under the Trump administration. 


Since 2017, over 40 new detention centers have been opened and the majority are run by privately owned companies. Detention facilities are extremely isolated and overpopulated. Immigration attorneys aren’t available within a 100 mile radius. Living conditions consist of cramped dark spaces with little to no access to basic hygiene products or even a shower. 


Since the Covid outbreak even less has been done for the immigrants detained. Reports have been obtained from five different detention centers located in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arizona, that three out of these five facilities now have confirmed Covid cases. ICE administration doesn’t give them access to proper medication or doctors. 


Beginning 2021, Trump has requested 4.1 billion dollars from taxpayers to fund ICE in order to be able to hold more people captive on any given day. 








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