Melting Arctic Ice

Margie Martinez, Writer

This week the Arctic Sea is melting out of control.This is the second lowest level on record. This is a serious problem that will do some damage. The melting ocean comes with many consequences, many that we are responsible for. You might be wondering what our mistakes might mean for us in the future.
The ocean helps the earth function properly. The melting of the arctic, and many other icy bodies of water, will impact not only the wild life, but human life as well. The ocean provides us with many things like food, jobs, minerals. With the ocean going through these catastrophic changes, these things that we depend on will be affected.
Due to the change in temperature many sea creature species would experience a decline. Polar bears, Seals, and plankton to be specific. Polar bears and seals normally stand around the icy surface of the ocean.
Having a melted surface would result in their deaths. The plankton in the ocean would experience trouble because of the direct heat they would now be receiving. Having that direct sun would result in a much warmer ocean.
The heating of the ocean would change the ocean’s currents. The currents being affected would affect our weather. Everything ties in with each other, becoming one big cycle. They all depend on each other to maintain order and stability.
The ocean melting is our doing. Many people do not believe in global warming, even though there is so much evidence to back it up. Global warming has happened because of us. Our factories put out so much smoke it has permanently damaged the atmosphere.
The thousands of cars that pollute the air are also responsible. The warming of the planet is not leading to anything good. Many think that there is nothing we can do now to make our situation better. They could possibly be right. We have also deeply polluted the oceans. The oceans are full of plastic and it has killed much of its wildlife.
We as a society have done more damage than good. Reports show that by the year 2035 the ice on the arctic, along with other oceans, will be completely gone. By that year we should expect jurassic changes on our planet.