How To Stay Entertained During The Pandemic

The Corona-virus was a huge curve-ball for all of us. It has affected everyone worldwide. For teens one of the toughest challenges they’ve had to face is the inactivity. Most teens like to keep busy and have something to do that will get them through the day. Unfortunately that is now hard to attain. There are some ideas that I have found have helped many get through the boredom of the pandemic. For most, going out is not an option. Most activities have to take place indoors. Those activities could be picking up a new hobby, attempting to cook, learning an instrument, or even beginning a workout routine in your bedroom! There are plenty little things to do indoors to keep busy, but for some that might not be enough. Many have turned to going on walks, but of course practicing social distancing while doing so. A walk can make a big difference. It can boost your mood, and it is healthy for you. You could even pop in some headphone and jam out to your favorite songs. Going on runs is also a good idea. Running can relief stress and give you a boost of energy to take the day on. During these hard times we have to get creative to stay sane. Self care is our best friend right now!