Mac Miller’s “Good News” Review

A deep dive into Mac Miller’s last studio single

Luis Ruiz-Dominguez, Guest Writer

Peaking at number 3 on US Billboard 200; “Good News” by Mac Miller was a single to his last studio album due to dying by an accidental overdose. The single “Good News” was released on January 9th with a music video accompanying it. The song itself was spectacular surpassing my expectations. Miller has always been open with his drug use and depression; in his last album Swimming he touched deeply in on his depression. There’s really a lot of emotion in the single and the previous album rapping and singing about his thoughts and use. Mac Miller has been known for his talented and warm singing voice and can be shown in The Divine Feminine.

In “Good News”, however, his singing really puts more empathy on the words and giving it a deeper meaning. His vocals perfectly match the flow of the instrumental being welcoming and displaying a great deal of gentle nature. Miller’s single truly showed he had a deeper connection with his mental illness to his music. Hearing Miller wrestle with his dark thoughts within his single is excruciatingly painful to understand. At the same time, however, it’s also beautiful because there’s a balance of deep lyrics and instrumental sound giving the tone a warm feeling.

In which Jon Brion’s producer skills really made the tone more lighthearted and a dream like quality. Jon Brion who worked with most known artist Fiona Apple and Kanye West as a producer knew what he was planning on doing while working on the single. Jon Brion and Mac Miller previously were working together on the Circles album before Miller’s overdose and it really shows that Brion pulled a ton of weight to complete the album properly. The instrumental really wasn’t amazingly master or produced but, doesn’t sound not low quality lo-fi, it was a perfect balance in which made the song unique and reflected Miller’s work.

I was really attracted to “Good News” due to the significance of the lyrics that portrayed how Miller was optimistic for his future. Miller was reflecting throughout the song and knew he wanted to get better is achievable. The lyrics reflect so much to Miller’s personality as an artist, with being isolated and finding a way to belong. This can be portrayed in this verse,

“Haven’t seen the sun in awhile, but I heard that the sky is blue… Yeah, I heard they don’t talk about me too much no more… And that’s the problem with a closed door.”

It’s no doubt that Miller had always a deeper meaning in every studio album he made, making his style more unique and less common to find. Overall “Good News” lyrics, Miller’s singing, and tone is so strong that it effectively portrays Miller’s pain and thoughts in a way that really hits you.