The Highs and Lows of Haikyu

Popular Volleyball Anime Haikyu Returns for a 4th Season

Scarlett Mendoza-Acosta, Guest Writer

As an enthusiast in the anime community, there is no doubt I would not hear the rave around the anime Haikyu. If you do not know, Haikyu is an anime that follows the main character Shoyo Hinata and his adventure in having a sudden love for volleyball after watching the national championship on television and joining the volleyball team in his High School.

To my surprise, the anime had four seasons as I had thought the anime was new, considering all the recent fame surrounding it. A reason I think this is due to season 3 coming out in 2016, and season 4(finally) coming out until this year. This is something that is commonly seen in the anime world as many producers push back release dates for years. This phenomenon reminded me of the anime “Attack on Titan” which did this exact move.

Although I may not have watched the entire show, from what I have seen I am quite excited to see what the show will bring. I usually am not a fan of sports anime, as I tend to find myself either not finishing it or just not interesting. As expected, I thought this anime was going to follow the typical protagonist vs. antagonist storyline as it is a sports anime, which tend to be more intense.

It took me by surprise to see both Shoyo and “enemy” Tobio Kageyama end up on the same team in High School after the encounter they had in Middle School. The story follows an interesting take on the ‘frenemies’ storyline as most would expect Shoyo and Tobio to be absolute enemies as both are striving to the best on the court. Overall, I am very excited to see the new and refreshing elements this anime will bring and how it will leave the audience on their toes.