Fighting for Food

William Garrison, Guest Writer

School lunch is a constant topic of discussion for many students throughout the school. Although some find the food to be fine there are others who believe that it can be improved with a few fresh ideas.

Senior Laura Skaggs believes it might be hard to improve due to the amount of food the school must produce for its 2000+ students.

“School food is about a 6-7  [out of 10]. it’s hard to mass-produce food,” Skaggs said.

Some students bring food from home because the can’t eat or buy school food so they have to use the microwaves.

Junior Maddie Warren believes that adding more would encourage students to bring their own food.

“To fix the microwave problem she would add more and newer microwaves,” Warren said.  

Some students really like school food but think it could use a small change. 

“They should let us bring outside food in by are parents as long as they check the bag,” sophomore Nalin Theodore said.

“If I could change the menu I would put homemade pasta, ” junior Jasmine Johnson said