Levels of Pep

School sports and academics differ based on the school level, and one of those sports is cheerleading

Dominique Williams, Writer

Cheerleading is a way to encourage one’s team to do better or proceed with the great work, and most believe that its all the same as you chant words and do a few moves here and there. Except cheerleading is more than that, and as age progresses the difficulty does as well. 

Osbourn Highschool partakes in this sport as well as the middle school across the street, and though the two schools have similar cheers, their preparations, practices, and routines are different. 

Osbourn Highschool’s cheer team practices Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. In these practices, stunts are reviewed and learned and knew cheers are contributed by members of the squad. This allows for more personality to be shown when cheerleaders perform at games. 

On the other hand, the middle schools cheer team practices every Monday and Tuesday after school usually until 4:30 pm, and since the members are a bit younger they don’t get to come up with chants like the high schoolers do, that’s usually left up to their coaches who every now and then lets them chime in, and that’s one of the reasons the two schools are different.

“In my opinion, High school cheer is more difficult as we condition and practice more,” said sophomore Tein Tran.

“Highschool cheer is a lot more complex than middle school cheer just because we don’t get to do as much,” said 7th grader Aria Smith.

Not only does the fact of who creates the cheer chants separate the two schools, but the fact that Osbourn participates in cheer competitions, have longer practices, and practice more consistently also create a barrier as well.