The Impeachment Process

Ethan McCullough, Writer

We are all aware that President Trump has undergone the daunting impeachment process, but what exactly does the impeachment process entitle? We will go through the impeachment process of the president step-by-step. 



  • Impeachment inquiry is opened


Any member of the House of Representatives may open an inquiry, beginning the impeachment process and assigning committees to investigate. In Trump’s case, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened the inquiry, assigning five committees.



  • Voted on by the House Judiciary Committee


Evidence of wrongdoing is gathered by the assigned committees and voted on their legitimacy by the Judiciary Committee. Passed with a simple majority vote. 



  • The House of Representatives votes


A debate is held regarding which articles (evidence) are valid for grounds of impeachment. A simple majority vote passes the proceedings.



  • Charges are passed on to the Senate


The Senate is the only body with the power to remove the president from office. 



  • The trial


Held in the Senate and overseen by the Chief Justice. Members of the House Judiciary Committee serve as prosecutors, the Senate the jury. The president may choose his own defense attorneys.



  • Jury deliberates


Members from the Senate deliberate in private.



  • The decision


3 possible outcomes; guilty if voted on by a  ⅔ majority of the jury, acquitted (found innocent) otherwise, given censure (minor punishment) if guilty for something minor. President Trump was found acquitted.



  • If guilty


The president is removed from office immediately and is given no chance for appeal.