How the Swim Team Flows

Julio Munoz Mendez, Writer

Swimming is a sport that involves a lot of cardio resistance. Some events require more cardio than others which requires more preparation. The swim team practices from Monday through Thursday to prepare for the upcoming swim meets where other events take place. What keeps some of these athletes motivated is commitment and wanting to be the very best at the sport.

“I am motivated by wanting to be the best at what I do, so that pushes me to be healthier, I like staying in shape and working a lot on my cardio, ” said Austin Oakley, 11.

Practices take place at the Freedom center where the swim team practices after school working on their different types of sets that differ through each practice. 

“One of my favorite sets is 100 back because it is the stroke that I am the best at so I enjoy it over some of the other strokes,” said Erika Stewart, 10.

Practices tend to be really long and tiring to get the team prepared for the meets where they face off other schools to see who can get the best time 

“Practices are really long and tiring and they are usually 3000 meters of swimming, which helps on bettering your cardio,” said Stewart.

A big part of the team are the coaches who always push the team to their limits for greater improvement at the swim meets and practices.

“The coaches are nice and very understanding,” said Ally Hudson, 10.

Lastly where all the hard work pays off is at swim meets where other schools including OHS gather and compete to see who can add up the best times to gain the most amount of points.