The End of The Saga

The Rise of Skywalker is the last film in the Star Wars movie saga.

Margie Martinez, Writer

The first movie of the Star Wars saga was ‘A New Hope’ in 1977. The order of the movies can be a bit confusing due to the prequel part of it all but once you watch all the movies in order they come together nicely. The Star Wars story line can be quite confusing to those who have not seen the movies from the beginning. It has many plot twists and characters to get to know but as you get to know them they grow on you.There have been a total of nine episodes. 

The Rise of Skywalker was the end of this long journey for it’s director and actors. In an interview, George Lucas explains how challenging it was to create the film and bring the  amazing series to a pleasing end for all. In the beginning of The Rise of Skywalker, the plot seems to be how it always is, the Rebellion fighting for peace in the galaxy and the New Order being against them wanting full control. Their leader, Kylo Ren has always been a very fiery character. In ‘The Last Jedi’ episode eight, Kylo Ren’s past and personality is explained to the viewers.

 It gives us a better understanding of why he turned out how he did. In The Rise of Skywalker they steered Kylo Ren away from all of his anger. I believe they did this in a very good way. They used his connection with Rey and of course she is always wanting to do the right thing. Kylo and Rey really come together in this last film, even sharing a kiss towards the very end, which definitely did not surprise the viewers. Kylo and Rey’s feelings towards each other became very clear in ‘The Last Jedi’ when they share a connection on the planet Ahch-To where Luke Skywalker was found.

 Although that was quite a nice plot twist, the biggest plot twist was the fact that Emperor Palpatine was still alive. Fans saw it coming and many posted videos on YouTube explaining how it was going to go down. Many also speculated Rey’s relation to Palpatine. It turned out that she in fact was his granddaughter which gave her her force sensitivity and lightning power. Rey was not happy to have found this out but she stuck to her morals and didn’t follow in her grandfather’s footsteps. Her character is a natural warrior and it is exciting to watch a female be this powerful. 

There were many parts of the film that definitely made fans emotional since it was the end of years of hard work and dedication. Knowing all the characters and their stories really makes the series near and dear to the heart. The actors perform their roles so naturally, as if they really are meant to be their character. In The Rise of Skywalker the original story line characters come to an end. Princess Leia passes away, along with her son Kylo Ren who she gave her life for. The last of the original crew are Chewbacca, C-3P0, and R2. It was heartbreaking to watch the Skywalker legacy die off. Despite the tragedy, the movie ended in a huge celebration. The Rebellion finally got their victory.

I definitely enjoyed the film and all of it’s plot twists but I do feel as if it was a bit messy. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to bring the legacy to an end, which is why I am understanding about it. But the movie did have way too much going on. It seemed as if it was being cramped together. In my opinion they could have definitely split it into two films. Despite that I would still recommend The Rise of Skywalker, as well as watch