Throwbacks in Sync


Jakelin Bonilla, Editor

The lip sync is an event held every year during the talent show. Each grade gets to compete by giving a/their story through lip syncing and dancing. This year’s first place was taken by the juniors which had a 2010 decade rewind theme. Isabel Lucas was one the juniors who participated in the lip sync.

“I do think deserved to win because of the heart we put into it. I don’t know the process the seniors went through but we definitely tried kicking it up a notch this year. We met during many eagle blocks, worked our ideas together, and went over it until it looked perfect,” Lucas said. 

Marwan Elkurdi is an involved senior who participates in most of the events held by the school. He was a big help in coming up with their trend theme.

“I think the senior class deserved to win because our theme was more meaningful. It told a story as we aged and it had a lot of layers to it. We had the audience laughing and many said we were the most enjoyable to watch,” Elkurdi said.

The freshmen had a Disney theme that consisted of throwback theme songs that we all grew up with. This had many in the audience singing along.

We all went deep into our childhood memory to decide which theme songs we cherished the most,” freshman Briseida Gamez said.

This year’s sophomore class didn’t perform in the lip sync. Perla Holguin was one of the few sophomores in the audience. 

“It was a little annoying that no one from the class of 22 participated. I understand that most people are busy or have other priorities but school spirit is a big part of high school. Our class continues to complain about the lack of school spirit but doesn’t participate or put any kind of effort,” Holguin said.

“Although we didn’t win I wasn’t sad about losing because I know in my heart we worked the hardest and had the best lip sync. It was more than a pleasure coming together to make something special and memorable,” Elkurdi said.

You can watch the lip sync performances on Stacey Rubach’s Youtube channel in case you missed the show live.