New Years Resolutions

Karina Quezada-Ilbarra, writer

New year, new beginnings. A chance to start fresh and accomplish many more successful goals. This year many students have set new goals to accomplish. Striving for goals can have bumps on the road but the steps that are taken can help strengthen your ability to achieve theme.

“I want to be able to advance my reading skills this year, I used to read and write but after getting a job I lost the time to continue reading. I also want to keep a healthy mindset all year and not be stressed all the time,” junior Diana Tapia said.

High school can tend to bring stress on students, especially during finals and SOL’s. Possessing a clear mindset can help students focus on their goals and future life.

“One goal I want to accomplish during 2020 is to graduate. I worked hard in all my classes and I want it to be worth it crossing the stage knowing all my work finally paid off, senior Johan Moran said.

Graduation is only a few months away and students can finally start to feel the achievement of finishing high school. Looking into colleges and universities is also starting to enter students minds.

“I started to plan out my future and I decided to join the navy,” senior Hector Leiva said.

Planning out your future from a young age is one of the few ways to realize what you want to become and how you want to live everyday.