A Deadly Trend

A popular trend, vaping, is starting to show prospective health issues

Nate Lopez, Staff Writer

As of early September,  455 cases of vaping related illnesses have been reported nationally. Six have been fatal.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been working tirelessly to fully comprehend what has been putting vape users in the hospital. While the CDC hasn’t found an actual link between all these cases they are taking a deeper look into the compound Vitamin E Acetate (tocopheryl acetate) which has been found in the vape products of a good amount of cases reported. The majority of the users hospitalized have been using vape products that contain cannabis with high levels of Vitamin E Acetate.

 “It really is scary to think that we don’t know the long term effects of vaping,” said Hector Leiva. As the clock ticks, the CDC urges clinicians to immediately report possible cases of e-cigarette-associated lung disease.

Vitamin E Acetate is technically a vitamin compound found in everyday stuff like lotion and body oils, however, it is also an ester of vitamin E, which basically means that it’s the acidic based compound of a substance. To go further in-depth part of what vape users inhale is acidic -based oil that the CDC believes is going into the lungs causing illness due to chemical exposure.  It is important to note that Vitamin E Acetate is not found in nicotine cartridges and is not a direct cause of these illnesses. 

“Well I am fine so I guess that’s why I don’t really pay attention to those people with baby lungs.” said anonymous.  Since we can’t find out what caused these cases of vapers being hospitalized it is imperative that the youth and adults of America put off vaping.

“What I think is in the next 15-20 years health classes will begin showing your lungs on cigarettes and vape products,” said Benjamin Lopez Del Pino.