CenterStage Dance Camp

Centerstage had a camp a in order to help them prep for future competitions.

Nick Lopez Del Pino, Staff Writer

Centerstage is an advanced choir class in which you sing and perform choreographed dances at competitions, and just recently centerstage had their first and only dance camp. Dance camp is where the centerstage students go to learn choreography for upcoming competitions. 

Dance camp was held on Wednesday, Sept. 18-21 in Osbourn’s auditorium. The camp was not optional as all centerstage participants should have attended.

 Competitions will start late spring but until then centerstage participants will be practicing every Wednesday after school from 3:30 to about 6:30 pm.

A few people just recently joined the centerstage crew due to their love for music as well as to push and develop themselves more in the industry. It’s a place where friendships are developed along with rhythm and tone. It can get quite challenging and be overwhelming, but overall is a great time.

“I Joined centerstage because I thought it would be good to do different things,” said freshman Kian McAndrew.

“I joined centerstage because I really love music and it’s my only way in highschool to express myself,” said senior Steven Moran.