Spirit & Excitement Before The Big HOCO

Leila Hogan, Staff Writer

Every year there is a pep rally, right before homecoming. The gym is filled with enthusiasm, spirit, and excitement from students.

“There was a lot of spirit and competition, which is fun,” freshman Matthew Haugh said. 

The excitement and spirit are about the same every year, due to the different games and activities they do each year. One of the changes was the spotlight. 

“They introduced the [athletic] teams, but they didn’t use the spotlight,” sophomore Nalin Theodore said. 

The games and activities were the Hula Hoop, Singing competition, Dance competition and Flexibility. Students seem to like the hula hoop game and the singing competition the most.

“I liked the hula hoop game,” junior Marco Seaberg said.

“I liked the song one because everyone was involved and had a good time,” senior Andrew Holladay said.

In hula hoop game, students from each class would jump through the hula hoops until they got to another person, from a different class, and they would play rock, paper, scissors, shoot, and the winner would keep going until they got to the opposite end. In the singing competition, the staff would play a song for each class, and the one class that was able to get the most people singing, and were able to keep singing, with the right lyrics, won. These games come from the minds of the student body. 

“We have a student committee, a pep rally committee, and the students research games, and we talk as a committee and decide which one’s are the best for the pep rally,” Sarah Weaver said. 

The seniors especially had the best time, because they won homecoming spirit week. 

“It [winning spirit week] was fun, we won last year, but we never won the homecoming spirit week,” Holladay said. 

Students are glad there will be more pep rallies, later in the year.

“It was fun, and I’m glad we’re going to have more this year,” Seaberg said.