Painting the ’50s

During this year’s spirit week some students took part in creating their section of the window painting. Each grade had a different section and when they were all completed they competed for 1st place. Senior Casey Smith and junior Ella Pearson both participated in this event for their class. 

“We tried to base our window off of the ’50s and our class theme which is a galaxy. So we did it on the alien area in the ’50s,” Pearson said. 

The theme for this year’s windows was the 50’s. Coming up with something that accurately demonstrated the ’50s was somewhat challenging for them.  

“We looked up some reference photos that had to do with the ’50s which was the theme of homecoming and that had to do with our class theme of positivity. So we tried to tie them together with a design that would stand out,” Smith said. 

The winners of this year’s window painting were the juniors. This allowed the addition of some points to their score. 

“Winning for the seniors was really exciting. I thought they were going to win because their window was good too. I am glad that our hard work paid off,” Pearson said. 

Creating the window painting took a decent amount of time. Each grade had its individual section that covered about 12 windows. 

“We worked on it every day of the week. On the first day we just sketched it out, after that we would just stay a couple of hours,” Smith said. 

The window painting happens every year and it is something the people that work on it seem to enjoy, especially because of the teamwork that is needed. 

“I think being satisfied with the final product was the best feeling. I think our windows have evolved every year that we’ve done them so it was nice to see that we could improve over the years,” Smith said.