Spooktacular Murder Mystery Play

The talented actors of the theater department bring us yet another intriguing play, this time it is a comedic murder mystery.

Margie Martinez, Staff Writer

Theater has brought us many productions to stage that have left the crowds in awe. The charismatic bunch has done it yet again with ‘Newberry Theatre’s Murder Mystery Spectacular’. It is just as the name implies. Just as everything goes wrong, it seems to do it in the most perfect way. This show really has everything from murder to mayhem and everything in between. With some brandy on the side of course. 

“My favorite part is the first scene when I got hit with the door because no one ever expects it! The pause before the laughter gets me every time because everyone is shocked for a second,” said junior Hanat Akanbi. The actors put many hours of practice into perfecting their art.

“Well obviously we had after school rehearsals and things but I had to learn how to do stage stunts, like slaps and punches. I also had to learn how to properly fall, but I was having so much fun it didn’t even feel like I was learning,” said Akanbi. There was trial and error and they came across a few hardships, but they overcame them.

“I think what helped me succeed was slowing down my lines because when you learn them you got them down. it is really easy for you to just breeze right through them so you can move on and get through what you remember. Slowing them down definitely takes work, and I think once I slowed them down a lot it definitely made things easier and more funnier for sure,” said Akanbi. The play revolves around comedy, so that felt a bit tedious for the cast from time to time.

“Learning lines and setting the pace for jokes was very challenging. Comedy is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot out of you physically and emotionally,” said junior Isabel Lucas. 

Although the play had its challenges, the feedback from the audience was the rewarding part for them.

“It was my first time watching a comedic play, and honestly it was so dope. I was so amazed at how good they were at pretending to be bad actors. I found myself laughing at times that I would not even expect to laugh. It was great though, I hope I can watch another one of those plays,” said junior Ashley Mendoza. Knowing they were making others laugh and smile made them enjoy the play as they acted.

“Well, there is this one joke towards the end where the inspector is like ‘Mr. Green met his end of the office’ and Mr. Green, being in the scene because he has come back too early says ‘Yes Mr. Green did die in the office’ which we all knew (the actors) is really funny because we know that it Mr. Green saying that he died in the office, but no one really seems to remember that that’s Mr. Green said he is already dead,” said Akanbi. 

The play was an experience to remember and the cast learned many things from it and hope to apply it to other plays that they perform. 

“I learned that Comedy is not as easy to make as it looks because it is all about timing and proper placement. Sometimes when you add things it is not as funny as you think it’ll be and you will have to take it out. A part of it hurts but, you need to remember that it is for the audience and that’s something I will always keep in mind,” said Akanbi.