Final Victory

Varsity football had its last football game of the season

Dominique Williams, Staff Writer

Varsity football played their last home football game a month ago on Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, against Battlefield High School and sadly lost 36-37, by a two-point conversion. It was a close game as the two teams went back and forth scoring, maintaining a close scoring range. This game helped the football team improve their strategies and tactics for their final game of the season, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019.

“After Friday’s game, I made sure that the people who didn’t play often were more involved,” said senior Darius Malone. 

After the games Friday and Thursday the 2019 football season came to an end as Osbourn Eagles played their last game against Osbourn Park. We Eagles won 50-20, but this win wasn’t enough to make it to the playoffs and keep the season going. Except this season was definitely an improvement from last year as the 2018 varsity team went 1-9, and this year they went 3-7.

This was just the beginning of improvement for Osbourn as current players plan on continuing their football journey.

“I love football, and it’s something I want to pursue,” said sophomore Carson Hinebaugh.

“It doesn’t come easy as the practice can be tough and the hours can be demanding, but each player pulls through when needed, and acts as a team player, and that’s what keeps me going,” said junior Xavion Williams.