Student Spotlight: Josh Newland

Josh Newland, is a 16-year-old junior who likes to be kept busy doing a couple of school sports. In the winter he plays for the school basketball team and in the spring Newland likes to run track. 

“In the winter I try out for the basketball team and in the spring I like to run track I feel like it keeps me busy and I enjoy doing both sports,” Newland said.

When Newland gets home he usually likes to make food sit back and turn on the TV and watch youtube to relax after a full day of sports.

“Usually when I get home, I make food which at times could be taquitos, Oreos and milk, then I turn on my tv and start watching youtube. After a while, I do my homework take a quick shower and watch some more youtube and go to sleep,” Newland said.

When Newland isn’t playing sports he usually likes to watch the Redskins his favorite football team.

“Even though the Redskins suck I still like watching them they were my first team and that won’t change,” Newland said.

A couple of things on Newland’s bucket list is traveling the World and becoming a millionaire.

“Travelling the world would be really cool for me and becoming a millionaire would benefit my whole family and give them a good quality of life which is most important to me,” said Newland.

When Newland is older he wishes to pursue becoming a professional basketball player overseas and continue playing basketball until he can’t anymore.

 “I want to play professional basketball overseas in another country, I would like to play in the Philippines because I’m half Filipino. Basketball is just my favorite sport and something I would love to do,” Newland said.