Student Spotlight: Nicho Becerra

Junior “Nicho” Becerra is an all-around athlete

Julio Munoz Mendez, Staff Writer

Alexander Nicholas Becerra, commonly known as ‘Nicho’ is a 16-year-old junior. He’s a talented and bright kid at home and abroad. 

“I go by Nicho or Nicholas because my dad is also named Alexander. So I just go by Nicholas to avoid any confusion with my family or friends. But over the years, I don’t care as much anymore,” Becerra said.

His circle of friends knows him as Nicho but if any of them were asked who is Alexander, they would not know who that may be. 

Becerra has a passion for soccer but he has his eyes set on something else in the future. Becerra does other activities as well as other than soccer. 

“I play basketball from time to time. And right after school I go home and just eat a snack, and hop on and play FIFA if I get the chance,” Becerra said. 

Becerra is a huge sports fan obviously. Although he plays basketball and soccer, he prefers playing soccer. His favorite soccer team is Liverpool. He is an active person in the athletic and sports field.

“It’s fun to do. Usually, a lot of funny stuff happens when I play,” he said. Becerra is a really funny person, humorous and engaging to be around. 

The funny thing about what makes Becerra plays soccer and basketball is that he plays out of boredom and that the enjoyment he gets from playing sports. 

“I have nothing to do, so I just play out of boredom,” Becerra says. But he finds excitement and thrill in playing soccer as he plays seriously, even if it’s just a casual match. Becerra seems set on a different passion, however. He intends on going to college after school and will work towards achieving a degree in engineering.