A New Start for Field Hockey

Jakelin Bonilla, Editor

Last year’s field hockey team was pretty good. This year the girls are giving it all they got to have the best season possible. The team consists of girls like senior IvyLynn Powell and junior Kenya Briones and is coached by Amanda Coombs. 

“It’s my last year on the team and I’m kind of sad because I’ve grown so much with the team. I’ve made so many memories but at the same time I’m excited for the next chapter,” said Powell.

The girls on the team show love and care for one another. They’re teammates on the field but also friends in the real world. 

“There’s no drama, which is hard to believe since there are more than 20 teenage girls on the team. We are all supportive and help each other improve our skills with tricks that can make things easier,” said Briones. 

Throughout the years sport teams tend to become better. Especially if it’s a team that has had the same group of people for years because the communication is better. 

“We definitely have improved a lot from last year and grown so much. We have really good chemistry now, probably because all of us have played together for over a year now,” said Powell. 

In field hockey there are certain things that make playing the sport easier. One of them is how the field is managed among the teammates. 

“Since last year we have improved in how we use space on the field, at times we still get clustered but we quickly solve it by going to our own side,” said Briones. 

Playing a sport comes with practice and effort. Students on the team practice about five times a week, for about two hours each day. 

“It’s definitely a lot of commitment and sometimes I catch myself complaining about practice because of events and plans I miss because of it, but at the end of the day its all worth it because I get to play the sport I love,” said Powell.