Golf, more than just a sport

Students share why golf why golf is such a great sport


Victor O'Neill Studios

Junior Daniel Gutierrez drives for a hole-in-one.

Julio Munoz, Writer

In golf, success is determined by the lowest score, or the fewest number of shots taken, making golf a sport where precision is key. There’s a variety of clubs used in golf, for example, to tee off you would usually use a driver depending on how far the hole is and after a driver you would most likely move onto a wood or an iron depending on the lie of the ball, all leading to ending up on the green and then using a putter to finish of the hole. 

While some students play the sport just-for-fun there’s some great talent in the team with some students pursuing the achievement of playing golf at a professional level.

“I’ve been playing golf my whole life pretty much, and I love the patience and follow-throughs the nice cool breeze, the sun shining, I just love it. it really makes something slow, really tedious, you have to focus,” said junior Daniel Gutierrez.

Age isn’t an issue when it comes to golf since the sport is mostly about patience and following up the last shot that was taken making it easier to pursue the sport even at an old age many professional retired golfers now still play just for fun.

“Even though I just started playing golf, golf is a sport I would like to play for the rest of my life and it’s a sport you can play at any age, the fact that It’s a lifelong activity I enjoy doing is what pursues me to keep playing and it also teaches patience and self-control,” said junior Austin Oakley.

With players that have been on the team for a year now, it seems that the team is just getting bigger with much more new student talent starting to join golf.

“Golf is fun but also a very difficult sport and I really do hope to get better at it, I have been playing for the golf team for a year now and I do plan on continuing to play and I have also seen some growth in the number of people that have started joining the team,” said sophomore Ryan Luskey.