Class of 2021 Shirts

Karina Quezada-Ilbarra, Writer

With new classroom shirts, students are now able to choose their favorite shirt to represent their graduating class. Class of 2021 was given two options to choose from. The theme for the shirts is based on the viral “raid” of Area 51. Opinions on the shirts are now present in student conversations.

“I personally don’t like the options, I think they should’ve chosen a different theme or style,” said junior Nicholas Becerra. 

“I thought our class was more creative, the shirts are ugly in my opinion, said junior Diana Tapia. 

 Although some students disliked the shirts, a few did have a like for the appearance and style of them.

“I actually like the shirts, I thought it was really cool that they added aliens on the shirts,” said junior Luis Ruiz. 

Designing the shirts can bring out the creativity in people. Pressure on the designers can also form because they are trying to create a project that will fulfill the likes of all students. Designers want to produce an item that students would actually love and purchase to represent their class.

“I respect the people who made the shirts, I personally am not as creative as most people so I give props to them,” said junior Diego Lucero.