Eagles Soar into Eagle Learning Time

Students face a new change this year for Eagle Block

Stephanie Reyes, Writer

Many things have changed since the arrival of our new principal, Mike Pflugrath. Leaving us to question whether these changes will improve the school or not.


“Honestly, I don’t have any opinions towards the new principal because I’ve only seen him a few times and I haven’t talked to him but it does seem like he’s trying to improve the school and make it feel much safer,” sophomore Dominique Williams said.


One of the major changes to this year was the removal of Eagle Block and the incorporation of Eagle Learning Time(ELT). Though they have distinct names, they happen to be related. 


ELT occurs every day, at the end of the first block just like last year with
Eagle Block. The difference is that the students remain in their first-period class with the same teacher. 


“I think Eagle Block should’ve remained because it’s pretty much the same thing as ELT, so the administration pretty much just wasted their time,” Williams said.


However, students are not permitted to move to their different classes to complete assignments/tests for their other instructors. 


“For right now it’s probably a problem for some people who need extra help, but I think that is going to change soon,” said Williams.


Some people believe that the administration should’ve focused their attention on other school problems.


“I feel like they could have used the time thinking about other problems

going on in the school rather than worrying about changing Eagle block because I personally think it was fine just the way it was last year,” said Williams.


Altogether, it is time for a change and opportunity to grow as students, educators, and leaders. Whether ELT will help or not doesn’t matter because students still have time to be better students.