Staff Spotlight: Mike Pflugrath


Nate Lopez, Writer

Michael Pflugrath is joining Osbourn this year as our new school principal. Pflugrath is very excited for the remainder of this school year and is eager to help students reach their full potential.

Pflugrath served in the United States Army and has over twenty years of experience in public education. In 2017,  Pflugrath was named Virginia Assistant Principal of the Year.

“I’ve been in education for 24 years at a highschool level; 12 years as a teacher and 12 years as an administrator. I started off at Woodson High School in Fairfax where I was a teacher, and moved onto South County High School where I was [a] teacher as well. Then, I became director of student activities and moved up to assistant principal there for 6 years,” said Pflugrath.

Teachers are the most interactive with students at school, however, it is the principal who has the duty of providing teachers with support and giving students a high quality education. As the leader of the school, the principal has the responsibility to encourage and empower everyone.

“I would say I have [a] collaborative approach, I like to hear from everyone. I love input don’t get me wrong, I’m confident in myself, but I really like to hear from everyone. I like to empower students to have a voice, and empower the teachers as well as all of my administration,” said Pflugrath.

Before coming to Osbourn Pflugrath has done many great things for public education. He created South County’s Military Connected Youth Program and also developed the Student Learning Center at South County, which helped students succeed through tutoring sessions.

“ I love our school… my main goal is to make sure students have multiple opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential,” said Pflugrath.

Being that we have had such broken administration throughout these past four years, it is refreshing to know that we have a loyal strong leader in the chair.

“I call it engage, empower, and excel it’s all about student engagement which is basically  including people then empower them to do what they want to do and then help them excel at it,” said Pflugrath.