Tablet Distribution

Student and staff discuss the tablet distribution over two-days during the summer

Jakelin Bonilla, Editor

For this school year all students were required to come with their parent/legal guardian to get their tablet. It was also mandatory for all teachers to participate in the involvement of the tablet pick up. The head of all tablets and the distribution of tablets is student Device Assistance Desk specialist Jane James.

“The summer was spent preparing for the tablet pick up. The most important things were trying to figure out our plan for the distribution and making sure everything was working and ready to go,” said James.

Although not everyone agrees with the way things were handled, most students can agree that it was a better experience than last year overall. Junior Ruben Mendoza was one of many students that didn’t mind going through the whole process to get his tablet.

“It was not as bad as most students made it seem to be. For me it didn’t take as long as for some of my friends,” said Mendoza.

Spanish teacher Jazmine Cardoso was one of the teachers that participated in the distribution, she agrees that it was very time consuming for some kids.

“Personally I believe what made the process longer than it should’ve been was the fact that everyone had to complete a personal information form at school. That could’ve been done at home to save some time,” said Cardoso.

Most students didn’t like the fact that parents were required to come. 

“Not everyone has parents that can just spend two hours getting something as simple as a school table. People have jobs, it shouldn’t be required to have a parent with you to get a tablet,” said senior Juan Hernandez. 

Although teachers were required to come and participate voluntarily, teachers like Peter Zenewics were just excited to see the students. 

“The only exciting thing about the whole situation was seeing the kids again,” said Zenewics. 

A lot of time and effort was needed from everyone to make the process as smooth as possible. There is always room for improvement but at the end of the day everyone got what the needed. 

“The distribution is not something easy we had to figure out how we were going to give them out, gets forms together, ask for assistance, get the word out, and make the video that everyone was required to watch,” said James.