Save the Planet

Our planet is and has been going through some rough patches

The Earth is the only planet to harbor life. It is the third planet from the sun, and it is over 4.5 billion years old. Over the years, we have shaped the earth to fit OUR needs. That resulted in a complete neglect of the Earth’s need, just like us the Earth has needs. Although, we have kept up with some of its necessities that help the Earth thrive, there are other things we are doing that are hurting it.

 As you all know we have managed to almost completely destroyed what was left for us here to build on. We used all of our resources way too fast, now we are struggling to find alternative solutions. 

“I try my best not to be so wasteful, I know that we don’t really have much left. I know the small things that I do won’t have a big effect, but I hope people can start contributing more to what I am doing,”said junior Kimberly Paz. About every month, a story about some crazy natural disasters comes out. Society spends about two days worrying, and then continue on as if it never happened. 

“I honestly didn’t find out about the wildfires in the amazon until a while after everything burnt down. Which is pretty concerning, I thought the news would be talking about it heavily and put it out there for us to know. They didn’t start talking about it a lot until after it happened,” said sophomore Geymi Sanchez. These natural disasters have been happening left and right lately. There has been many in the past couple months. 

The most recent has been the Amazon forest burning down. It is the world’s largest rain forest, often referred to as “the lungs of the plant”. The Amazon forest is said to produce 20% of the World’s oxygen. The cause of the fire was not natural, it was caused by man. People are illegally clearing the forest to raise their cattle and grow their crops. Humans are trying to consume as much as they can. There is a mass production of animals and crops. Nothing is enough, and it has caught up to us. 

“I think that what humans are doing with the animals is barbaric. They just hype them up on hormones and other chemicals to get them to have babies faster, all for us just to eat. There are so many meat factories that keep animals in very crappy conditions and it’s gross cause we eat that,” said junior Caroline Arrington. 

We have been running out of time to “save the planet” for quite some time now, but nothing serious is ever done about it. Recently people have finally begun to attempt to help the mess that we made ourselves. 

“I guess I have seen just a little bit of people changing their lifestyles, but to be honest it isn’t really going to do much because not everyone is doing it,” said sophomore Prissila Granados. Although it isn’t a large amount of people changing their ways It can influence people to want to join their wave. 

They have been trying to use less and consume less. Saving the turtles is what they have been putting on to us the most. It has had some impact. People are using less plastic straws. They are switching to metal straws, which companies now make. Save the turtles began due to a many videos that came up on social media of turtles having straws stuck inside of their noses. 

“The first video of the turtles I saw was really sad and graphic, and the sad part is that there are so many other videos of that happening. It made me want to buy one of those metal straws really bad, that video was messed up,” said junior Jacob Melnick.

Of course, whatever we do will not be enough, and even these upsetting videos won’t stop us from making wrong choices. Our ice is melting, our world is overheating, our seas are covered in trash, our animals are dying, our time is running out to save the planet. I hope you can carry what you read here with you. This is a serious topic to which kids our age do not really pay attention. You can be the change that we need.