The Season Has Kicked Off

Osbourn’s varsity football team just recently had their first away game in which they started the season off strong


Sam Flint

Senior Luke Spall takes the ball down the field

The 2019 football season is kicking off as Osbourn Varsity football just recently finished their first game on Thursday, Aug. 26th. Before the first game of the season, Osbourn had two scrimmages against Robert E. Lee and Parkview, winning them both. Those games looked to helped set the tone for the rest of the season guiding the Eagles to numerous wins.

 Last year’s season was a rough one, but players are practicing harder in hopes to make a change to their record.

“We’ve worked a lot harder this year and have a better team and created a strong bond,” said junior Keshawn Hogue.

On the 26th, Osbourn played against Patrick Henry in Richmond. The team took a charter bus which left at about noon and made it to the school about two hours later. After the team made it to Patrick Henry they started going over plays and warming up.

The game then began at 6 pm in which Osbourn and Patrick Henry were battling it out for the win until about 8 pm. It was a close call but Patrick Henry won 42 – 34. 

Though both teams played a good game, the score didn’t go Osbourn’s way.

“Even though we didn’t win, we played and did better than last year, and we’re just going to keep getting better,” said sophomore Caleb Ball.

Each player has their view of how they felt the game went, whether they believed they could’ve done better, or the game was tricky.

“I felt like we did good, but we could have done much more, so next time I’m going to aim lower,” said sophomore Xavier Williams.

“The game made me both sad and mad because I knew we could have done better, so next time my team and I will put more effort on the field than the other team,” said Hogue.