Tik Tok is On the Clock

Clara Hernandez-Figueroa, Writer

Senior Jennifer Casteneda was one of the first people to join the Tik Tok craze that is now sweeping Osbourn at the start of this school year. 

“I started watching Tik Toks after I saw a weird video on Instagram so I downloaded it and it was actually really funny,” said Casteneda.                 

Tik Tok is similar to the once popular app Vine because both apps are made up of short user uploaded videos.  

“I’ve been watching [Tik Tok’s] since October, kind of in secret because I thought people would judge me, but now a lot of people use it so I feel less bad about being addicted,” said Casteneda. 

It is becoming less embarrassing for users to make Tik toks publicly since the app has grown so much. They went from 70 million to 800 million users in less than a year.

“I have one video that took me like an hour to make but the other ones didn’t take long, I kinda just thought of an idea and made the tik tok on the spot,” said Casteneda.  

Tik Tok was formerly known as Musically before the company decided to re-brand themselves. They decided to target a different audience. They went for the social aspect. 

“My favorite part is showing it to my friends and hearing their feedback and if they thought it was funny,” said Casteneda.