Schoology Take Over

Chris Hernandez-Figueroa, Writer

With a new school year came a large change for students. Administrators decided to fully transition students’ learning systems from Google Classroom to Schoology. Students found out about the change when they got to school this year. 

”I don’t like [Schoology], they shouldn’t make us use something we don’t like, or at least tell us before they change it,” said sophomore Samuel Pessoa. 

Last year they first introduced Schoology and let teachers choose whether or not they wanted to use it or use Google Classroom. 

“I think Schoology is better because it is more organized and I can find my work easier. I also think my teacher likes it better,” said sophomore Koraima Moreno. 

You can build assessments in Schoology with more options than just making a Google Doc. You can make questions to simulate questions that you’ll see on the SOL or one of the AP tests.

”The way Schoology is set up is wack, there are too many folders and it’s not easy to follow,” said sophomore Nancy Rivas.

Although some students don’t seem to care for the extra functionality and would like the simplicity of Google Classroom. Administrators believe it is more like a collegiate system and is more realistic in real world application. 

“It’s a change and it’s different but once we all get used to it everyone will like Schoology over Google Classroom,” Muffin Wilkoski said.