Crossroads Tavern Review

August 29, 2019


In August of 2017, a new restaurant opened in Old Town, Crossroads Tabletop Tavern. This restaurant has brought something new to Old Town: gaming and food together for families and friends to have a good time. Crossroads is famous for allowing customer access to games to play while eating and hangout with friends and family. They have old and new games to choose from right in the front of the restaurant. The place is two stories big and has many tables for all size parties. This lively place brings family and friends together to play any board game imaginable. 

Upon entering Crossroads, customers’ eyes will be drawn to the shelves and shelves full of games of every sort. The variety and size of the collection ensures that everyone can find something to interest them. The Talon Staff’s games of choice were Codenames, Jenga, and vertical chess. There are adventure games with intricate gameplay, trivia games of all sorts, team building games, and more. Even being frequently used, the containers and game pieces are in fair condition, with the plastic protection added by the proprietors.

While Crossroads is indeed a dining establishment, the food is not the highlight of the experience. There is a variety of food ranging from burgers to soup, but the meal choices themselves are nothing exceptional. Meals are albeit pricey as many shops in Old Towne tend to be. The creative names such as: the Dragon Burger and Mana Potion do add a fantasy twist to the commonly ordered American food classics. A favorite order from the Newspaper Staff was the Dragon Burger, which has a bit of a spice to it. 

Unfortunately, with so many positives there is at least one negative when it comes to this family restaurant. It becomes apparent during the busy dinner hours that the staff struggles to keep up with the sudden influx of orders. Many will find the restaurant quite loud as well, particularly upstairs where there is a bar.

The good thing is that the time goes by fast when playing a boardgame. As the night goes on, the noise level goes up, making it hard to hear what your table is saying. The dishes are satisfying, if not exactly a bargain, but what customers really pay for is the access to the huge collection of games. Those who take advantage of this will get the best experience at the local restaurant. 

Crossroads has certainly defined its own niche in Old Towne by offering food and games for its customers to play simultaneously. The place has any board game imaginable and foods with charming names that will appeal to nerd culture. It is a good place to have a family game night or to just chill with friends. The Talon staff invites readers to go at least once to try the Dragon Burger or another attention-catching food item and play a game. 

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