School Division Handles Threat to Student Safety

Threat to Osbourn high is posted on and spread through social media

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On Sunday October 22, 2018 a freshman at Osbourn posted a photo on Instagram of a gun with a caption saying threatening to attack the school. Police commenced an investigation that same day.

“I went on snapchat, and I saw everyone [posting] this screenshot of a stock image from google with a caption on Instagram saying something about shooting up Osbourn,” said sophomore Ben Lopez Del Pino.

Students reacted quickly by screenshotting the the original post and posting it on other social media platforms, urging others not to go to school.

“I just thought it was a joke from the start, an empty threat,” said Del Pino.

“I think he was messing around,” said senior Matthew Nowak, “considering the [direct messages] he sent to people saying he was just playing around.”

Calls started pouring into the police station after the initial post. The police took action quickly and started an investigation, later finding out it was a freshman student at Osbourn.

“Anytime there’s a threat, the division handles it,” said Wanda Vincente, the dean of students at Osbourn. “The division put out all of the information for us to know. They updated us and worked in conjunction with the Manassas City Police to do an investigation.”

Calls were made to families informing them of the situation, and that it was being investigated. Since parents and students alike still felt threatened by the post, many students didn’t show up to school the next day. Nothing happened on Monday, however, because the student who made the threat was already in custody.

“We spoke to police and [they’re] telling us….[the student who made the threat] is in custody and is facing two felony charges, and he is being held without bond,” said Justin Finch, a reporter for NBC who covered the event.

“Situations like these should never be taken lightly.” said school counselor Ashley Hull. “I’m glad this wasn’t an active threat and nothing did happen and everyone is safe.”