Winter Guard Returns

Winter Guard Returns After 3-year Hiatus

After being inactive since 2016, Osbourn’s Winter Guard Program was revived this year The program was started back up by alumnus Cristian Contreras.

“I felt…a little bit nervous because it was my first time running an indoor program,” said Contreras, “But also excited to come back, give back, and share the love I have for the activity.”

Winter Guard is another part of the band program. In marching band, color guard members learn the basic of guard. Winter Guard does not include the band, only the color guard members applying what they learned in the fall season, such as how to spin a six foot flag and the basics of classical dance.

“It was a nice season, we got to learn a lot and it was kind of a whole another experience,” said Denese Ventura. “It was a lot different from regular marching band. I enjoy it a lot. I hope there will be another season of Winter Guard.”

The show this year was “Where has the Time Gone” featuring music “Life’s a Stage Play” by Elijah Bossenbroek.

The new Winter Guard Program is mainly new members. Seven out of the ten members in the program are freshmen. The Winter Guard works hard every time staying till nine to work on their show.

At their first ever competition since 2016 at Forest Park High School, the team scored second out of nine in their class.

“Our first competition was so fun, I enjoyed it a lot,” said Mallory Francis.

At their second and final competition, they scored fifth placed out of ten. With help from the West Potomac High School Winter Guard, they set up a 45 by 45 inch field. The group also helped other schools clean up their field and props.

At the second competition, I wasn’t so pleased about it since we got fifth place, but I had fun with my fellow friends.” said Mallory Francis.