Mask Off

Mask Off

Radwan Khan, Writer/Editor

Wearing masks in public schools are no longer acquired after Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin signed a bill to lift the mandate. 

The governor included an emergency clause to make the bill effective no later than March 1.  

“I don’t support his decision because it puts people at risk,” junior Adriel Guico said.

Junior Brian Martinez also believes that the removal of the mask mandate is risky.

“I feel like [the removal of the mask mandate] will be a mistake sooner or later,” junior Brian Martinez said. “As Covid cases lower the more we don’t wear masks the higher the risks are that the cases will rise.

Youngkin believes students “suffered learning loss” and “suffered relationship loss” because of masks. 

 “[The bill] will 100% most likely harm the students academically, junior Isabellla Flores said. “When you are sick you are incapable of being a regular student and doing your work like every other student in the school. Because you are not in the best condition and you should not  be putting yourself under stress and work, when you should be resting. Doing things that should help you get better and that could also put you behind. The more students that get sick … it’s only gonna make it worse for them academically. And again, students are most likely very immune to this virus; but, the more cases that we have the more people will not be in school and come to school for about ten days. Which I believe is the amount of time we have to quarantine. And most students do not do online school. If i have to be honest. They do not do online school. Or they do not try. They completely disregard [online] school for that being and they are in quarantine.”

Flores also believes that the bill should be moved later.

“[Governor Youngkin] should move the end of the mask mandate later because right now. I do not think he should implement that right now,” Flores said. 

For the safety of the school Martinez believes,

“The school should have kept the masks,” said Martinez.