Genocide in Tigray

Genocide in Tigray

Nina Nicoletti

With the onslaught of wars, diseases, and laws, some massive events have flown completely under the radar for most of the population. One of these major devastating events is going on in East Africa. So, what is going on in Tigray? 

Tigray is a region in North Ethiopia that has been dealing with a mass genocide orchestrated by the Ethiopian government since November 4th of 2020. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed and the President of Eritrea, Isais Afwerki have collaborated in cutting off electricity, water, health aid, and food supply to Tigrayans. According to Omna Tigray, a collective of international Tigrayan professionals from various backgrounds, over 70,000 Tigrayan citizens have been killed, and more than 2 million have been displaced. 

One of the main way’s the Ethiopian government is executing this genocide is by the destruction of crops. According to Peter Smerden, a representative of the United Health World Food Program, “A total of 5.2 million people, a staggering 91 percent of Tigray’s population, need emergency food assistance.”  

Many of those who support the Tigrayans are calling for the Biden-Harris administration to step in and provide more support as the war is still going on after almost two years. On March 18th 2021, U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken released a press statement on additional support for Tigrayans stating, “The United States is providing an additional nearly $52 million in assistance to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. The United States has provided a total of nearly $153 million in humanitarian assistance since the crisis began.” The USAID released a response in July of 2021. “In response to growing needs in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the United States is providing more than $149 million in additional humanitarian assistance, including more than $105 million from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).” Some sites such as believe that the United States should impose a law that would ban Ethiopian military officials from entering the U.S., as well as imposing economic sanctions to limit the amount of Ethiopian goods imported to America. 

Many hashtags have arisen among various social media platforms trying to bring awareness to the Tigray genocide, such as #Justice4TigrayWomen on March 8th 2022. Getting involved and helping out the Tigray people can be as easy as just sharing an image to spread awareness of this crisis. Donations of all kinds are greatly appreciated. Donation opportunities are available at and Petitions are available at

The Tigray genocide is a tragedy that is flying under the radar, and it only takes one person to make a difference.