School Board Clerk Appreciation Week 2022 – Alba Garza


Radwan Khan, Writer/Editor

Alba Garza is the School Board Clerk of Manassas City Public Schools. Her contributions as the School Board Clerk should be commemorated and should be more known, such as during the School Board Clerk Appreciation Week from February 14 to February 19.

School Board Clerk Appreciation Week focuses on building awareness on this position and how they assist school board members, superintendents, and our local schools.

“Most of my duties are directly related to School Board meetings (ex., Regular, special, budget, and public hearings). Generally, as Clerk, I coordinate agendas for School Board meetings and prepare all required materials for each session. I also keep the meeting minutes for each meeting. In addition, I have to have a thorough knowledge of School Board operations procedures and protocols,” School Board Clerk Alba Garza said. “Undoubtedly, there are clerical requirements for my position, including lots of written correspondence, assisting the community over the phone, handling the budget for the School Board office, and overseeing all the administrative activities and operations assigned to the School Board.

A typical day for Mrs. Garza can be different on a per day basis as what is needed to support the School Board and our Superintendent, Dr. Newman.

“When I arrive at work each day, I review my calendar to see what involves the Board. I generally speak with our School Board Chair (Mrs. Seaberg) every day,” Garza said. “We go over notes for upcoming meetings and other relevant topics involving the Board, like conference attendance or school visits, etc.”

However, a position with such great responsibilities does come with some hardships.

“The most challenging aspects of my job are staying on task, due to the many interruptions that can come on any given day, and meeting all the time-sensitive deadlines, such as making meeting announcements as required by the Code of Virginia and any deadlines that may be assigned by the State or other groups that the Board is affiliated,” Garza said.

Nonetheless, her hard work ethic helps her overcome these challenges.

“One thing I pride myself on is my work ethic.  I am always committed to seeing a project through,” Garza said. “I also consider myself to be very organized, which is important when it comes to setting up Board meetings or assisting the Board with preparing for something like their state conference. I come from a large family, so I have learned how to work well with people, which helps as I interact with the public on behalf of the Board.”

As many joys she has of work she has many joys outside of it too.

“ One of the joys in my life, outside of work, is spending time with my husband and our four boys, who are 25, 23, 21, and 12 years old,” Garza said.