The Most Bizarre Show

Radwan Khan, Writer/Editor

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s (JJBA) Part six got animated and released by Netflix and David Productions.


The highly anticipated “Stone Ocean” is the next installment of JJBA, created by manga artist and author Hirohiko Araki. It takes place after the events and conclusion of JJBA’s Part five “Golden WInd.” “Stone Ocean” released December 1st 2021 on the streaming service Netflix, instead of releasing in weekly episodes, this time JJBA decided to release the first 12 episodes all at once.


“I love that they are dropping the episodes in bulk instead of once a week,” junior Ronin Connelly said. “I’d much rather be able to watch as many episodes as I like in a week than being forced to only be able to watch one episode a week.”


Miyuki Sawashiro is the voice actor of Jolyne Cujoh, who is the “main Jojo” of this part. She has been featured in other animated series such as the 2011 “Hunter x Hunter,” “Durarara!!” and many more. 


“Her voice actress seems perfect,” junior Brayden Colten said.


Connelly also agrees with Colten. 


“I think she will do an amazing job because I think she’s done really good up until now. I also like her work with other characters from other anime like “Kurapika” from “Hunter x Hunter,” Connelly said. “Finally, I know that she is going to try her hardest in this role specifically because of her love for Jolyne ever since she was a child.”


David Productions is the main Japanese animation studio that has worked on all the previous parts of JJBA, one through six. They have worked on other japanese animations such as “Fire Force,” “Cells at Work,” and many more. 


Junior Christian “Bo” Davis believes that David Production and Netflix will do a good job during the animation adaptation because “David productions has a great track record.”


Connelly is most excited to see the conclusion of part six. 


“I know a lot of [stuff] is going to happen in the ending,” Connelly said. “I’m curious on how it sets up for part [seven].”