Return of Indoor Track

Michael Juarez, Writer

Indoor track and field season has finally started and that also means new people are participating in it as well. This article The field events consist of two things but only 1 of them will be the topic of this article

There are two big events for field this year: the first one is jumping which includes long jump, triple jump and pole vault. The second is throwing with shot put and discus. 

Currently the team is pretty small with not a lot of throwers and quite a few jumpers as well but they love doing it a lot which is definitely nice to see. Junior Gabriella Matamala is a thrower who has been doing field for two years.

“I really enjoy throwing, I think that when people first hear that throwing shot put involves throwing 8,12 or 16 pounds, they are hesitant to join, but really it is so satisfying and enjoyable to focus all your power on trying to throw something as far as you can. Throwing discus is what I would imagine it feels like to throw Captain America’s shield. It is just such a unique experience to watch it fly,”  Matamala said.
Freshman Amina Tanoli also is a thrower and has also done it for two years. Here are her thoughts and tips for people who want to join the throwing party. 

“My tips for people who want to join throwing is that you have to work out a lot so you must be prepared and ready for that. Another tip I have is not to overwork yourself. Overworking yourself can cause lots of unnecessary muscle strain, I speak from experience. Remember to always drink plenty of water. I highly recommend not to drink water when you’re in the middle of a workout even though it might seem extremely tempting,” Tanoli said.