Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy: Student Opinions

Radwan Khan, Editor

A tragedy occurred during Travis Scott’s AstroWorld Festival and as a result over eight deaths occurred during and after the concert.

This tragedy took place in Houston, Texas on Nov. 5 & 6. The cause of death from the crowd surging forward, however the reason for the crowd having a mob mentality to move forward is unknown. Nonetheless, one thing is certain though, one or all of the parties involved with the AstroWorld Festival should be held responsible. 

According to a poll conducted by interviewer Alejandra Majano, a majority of students believe that Travis Scott should be held responsible for the events that occurred at the AstroWorld Festival. All parties should be equally held responsible coming right after Travis Scott. 

“Honestly I feel like they are all to blame. Because some of the concert attendees weren’t supposed to be there and that made it hard for the security,” senior Estefany Garcia said. “Because it was hard on security, a lot of them left. Not only left but Travis Scott and the team decided to continue a show that was completely chaotic.”

The tragedy was most likely caused by the influx of people breaking the security checkpoints and stations and the venue did not have the capacity for all these people. After fans were reported breaking barriers and such, Travis Scott, in a now deleted tweet, tweeted about encouraging fans to keep sneaking in.

If that post was true then he should be held at least partially accountable for the influx,” Garcia said. “But also people make their own decisions and [make] the choice to show up knowing that they don’t have an official ticket. But because Travis (Scott)  in a way instigated, he should be held partially accountable.”

In the operation plan of the AstroFest, two people had authority to stop the concert, the Executive Producer and Festival Director. Junior Rayan Alakhras believes that even though Travis Scott did not have the official authority to end the show, Scott could have just walked off and caused the same effect as those in authority to stop the show. 

“Any repercussions he would have faced would have been far more minuscule [than] the deaths of his fans, if he was to receive a repercussion that is,” said Alakhras. 

Videos surfaced of the members of the crowd climbing the camera scaffolding and telling the producers to stop the show. In addition, there were two people coming on stage to Travis Scott informing him about something, but then he told them to get off the stage. Plus there were ambulances all around the concert. Because of this Alakhras does not believe that Travis Scott did enough during the show to help during the situation. 

“He stopped the show for a couple minutes to get medical attention for someone in the crowd,” Alakhras said. “But, he proceeded to continue performing and didn’t wait for them to exit the venue. And he willingly ignored the people who were telling him to stop.”

Travis Scott made an apology video on the social media platform known as Instagram. There were mixed responses on how he handled the apology. 

“He was sincere in it,” junior Ruben Rodriguez said. “But, it [doesn’t] look like the best apology he could have [made].”

Alakras believes to help the current Travis Scott’s situation, post the tragedy at the AstroWorld Festival. 

“[Travis Scott should] pay for funeral services of the ones who passed away, make a real public apology, and vow to make venues more fortified/safer from now on,” said Alakhras.