The Puffs at Osbourn


Audrey Peters, Writer

Have you ever thought about what your favorite movie or television show would be like, without the main character? 

The Osbourn High School Theatre Department had a production of a play called Puffs, which shows exactly this. The play is presented as Harry Potter, but Harry isn’t the main character anymore. The play follows Wayne, who gets accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he is sorted into the Hufflepuff house. 

If you’ve read the books or seen the movies, you know that the story has a duration of seven years. Puffs follows a very similar plot line, and it is a fast paced version of all seven years. However, this version is told from a Puffs’ point of view. Their social struggles and lifestyles can very prominently show the differences between the Hufflepuff house and the Gryffindor house. 

While being very comedic, the play shares messages of friendship and confidence, as the Puffs learn who they are and who they want to be. A quote that was said more than once in the play was, “Us Puffs have to stick together.” This sentence easily shows how the Puffs began to look at life and each other. 

One of the actors, junior Abigail Nguyen prepared for the role by running lines as often as possible.  “I practiced the lines a lot even though I wasn’t a lead. I think it’s very important to still do your part and always memorize your lines and all your cues. I stayed up really late just to try and memorize my lines,” Nguyen said.

“I found other performances online and made sure I could memorize cues and what to say when those cues came on,” freshman Liam Sutphin said.

Although most agreed that knowing the plot of the original Harry Potter was helpful, some answers did vary. 

“It was helpful not so much in the production of the play itself, but more so being able to enjoy it in general,” senior John Fath said. 

“Absolutely. You don’t get any of the jokes if you haven’t read the books before. The entire show is making fun of the original production,” senior Jackie Ruiz said.

However, Sutphin felt as if knowing the source material helped but did make or break the show. “Not really because the play sort of lived in its own world; outside of the plot of the movies and books,” Sutphin said.

The play was a first for some of the actors, but regardless of their varied experience they all had a great time.

“My favorite part was the monologue, where I got to retell the entire plot of Shrek. It was fun every time I got to do it.” Sutphin said, “Screaming.” 

“I have absolutely loved getting to know all the new theatre people.” Nguyen and Jackie said.

If you missed Puffs at the school, make sure to ask a friend about it!