ARGs and Analog Horror Rising In Popularity Thanks To ‘The Walten Files’

Valen Lucero, Artist

If you haven’t heard of ARGs and Analog horror or don’t know what it is, you may be a bit familiar with the hit Analog Horror series ‘The Walten Files’ created by Martin Walls. The genre focuses on ‘Found Footage’ and is a subgenre of ‘Web Original’ the videos usually tend to last about 5-10 minutes long and tend to take the form of ominous recordings, VHS tapes, radio tapes, TV-like broadcasts or anything of the sort. These types of videos usually start out pretty mundane and get progressively terrifying/weirder as the story continues to unfold. Popular Analog Horror series ‘The Walten Files’ is just one of the few of the abundance of Analog Horror that lay within the internet, In fact, series’ such as the one previously mentioned have stated that they got their inspiration from another popular series that goes by the name ‘Local 58’ 


‘Local 58’ is created by Kris Struab, who is also known for his other horror works such as ‘Candle Cove’ . His works are loved by his fans and new ones alike. With the surge of popularity and recognition Analog Horror has been receiving, other horror-like subgenres are being shined on more than before, like ARGs for example. ARGs or Alternate Reality Game is a type of genre that focuses on using the real world as its platform all while being an interactive network game; The way this works is that the creator or uploader will introduce their main character and the side characters. The players also have the ability to pick and choose what the characters can do, in most cases the game takes form as video diaries or ‘live’ recordings. The storyline continues to unfold the more the audience interacts with the videos and helps the main character find the clues left behind by the ominous entity they may be interacting with, or someone else. A few popular ARGs can be found on YouTube as their channels are still up, but a few of them may have gone silent for the past years or so, but that doesn’t make their videos less entertaining.


Here are some ARG/Analog Horror channels below that can be found on YouTube;


Not only do horror fans now have other horror-like options to choose from, but anyone who is interested in learning more about ARGs or Analog Horror now have a few introductory channels to help them dive deeper into the genre and enjoy the current unfolding storylines and see new stories blossom with the same amount of potential as the well known and loved ones.