A Game to Die For


Radwan Khan, Writer/Photographer/Editor

Squid Game is a South-Korean drama released on September 17 2021 on Netflix and has garnered worldwide attention and recognition. 

Squid Game is based on children’s games in South-Korean culture and was directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, who puts a thrilling take on the games. This South Korean drama was also subtitled in 31 different languages and voice acted in thirteen. 

“I do think the show being subbed in 31 languages and dubbed in [thirteen] languages [had] a big impact on the popularity [of] the show,” senior Diana Pereira-Canales said. “[It is] clear that shows in the media should do this more since it shows people from around the world how different cultures work and that there is so much more out there.” 

Junior Idris Johnson agrees with Pereira-Canales, however, he brings up a point that:  

“There [are] also some shows, like American shows, that you really only understand if you are a part of American culture and people in other countries and cultures wouldn’t really understand so they wouldn’t really have to sub in 31 languages and dubbed in thirteen,” Johnson said.

According to data from Parrot Analytics, Squid Game is the most in-demand original series from Netflix.

“[Squid Game] does deserve the hype it gets because of the effects and the acting and how it made us get attached to the players,” junior Rocio Ramos-Amaya said.

Johnson also believes that in Squid Game that you get attached to characters, however, he also likes other elements. 

“How [Squid Game] showed us everybodys’ personal background, you know like- they showed everybodys’ flaws and their actual lives,” Johnson said. “[Squid Game] turned all the characters into people. They gave us their background. I liked that, we really got attached to characters- certain characters.”  

Many fan theories are surrounding Squid Game. One popular fan theory is that the VIPs represent the viewers of the show (you). Another popular fan theory is that Oh Il-Nam (Old man) is Seong Gi-hun’s (Main character) father.

Pereira-Canales believes the fan theory and thinks that it is true that the “the VIPs represent the viewers (you) of the show,” and that the VIPs were just “viewing all of [the players] get [eliminated] and [VIPs]” were “just doing nothing.” Pereira-Canales highlights that VIPs only “cared about … greed and money, and that kinda does show society ‘you’ in a way.”

Johnson recommends Squid Game.

“[Squid Game makes it] easy to empathize with the characters and it’s something you can get hooked on, something you can binge,” Johnson said. “I think it’s entertaining, it’s a really good show.”