Devious Lick enters OHS

Michael Juarez, Writer

As we all know, internet trends are obviously going to run rampant across schools all over the nation. However one trend seems to be causing a lot of schools trouble in not only upkeep but also sanitation. The ‘’Devious lick’’ trend is something that happened on TikTok that has been making kids in our school go wild. The trend consists of students grabbing objects of little to no value like soap dispensers or room numbers and taking them home. They then record themselves showing the “Devious lick’’ that they were able to get. Our school has seen the results of this and it is devastating to some students. The ability to wash your hands with soap has now become a luxury for the few soap dispensers that are available and the few soap dispensers that are available might not even have soap at all. The spread of germs has become an even bigger concern than normal. Due to all the things the students have taken as well some resources have become unavailable to students, making their life in school harder than it already is. The janitors as well have been experiencing a rough time due to installing things and cleaning the bathrooms from the aftermath of the students dropping or breaking soap bags and making a mess on the floor. Some people who noticed this trend rise in popularity have some things to say about it as well.

“I think that it is disrespectful and impulsive and that kids are doing it because they want recognition on social media even though they likely know their behavior is not ideal’’ history teacher Michelle Daley said. “I would ask them why they felt it was appropriate to participate and what their motive was behind it as well.”

The trend has had a controversial reception.

“I think it’s childish, you guys are doing too much. Why are you guys taking soaps? Y’all know it’s a pandemic goin’ on. People need to be able to wash their hands,” an anonymous student said.

Although the trend tends to be covert in terms of the act, the aftermath is quite noticeable for the other students.

“[I haven’t seen anyone take part of the trend,] Not directly although I have seen people walk out of the bathroom suspiciously. Every single bathroom I have walked into has been missing several things,” junior Sean O’Malley said.

Unfortunately, what started as an online fad has started to affect students negatively.

“The bathroom is my only ‘free time’ from these people. Now I can’t even use the bathroom when I actually need it because I have no resources in there to clean any germs,” another anonymous student said.