Effects of Electronics

Lesder Cerino-Lazaro, Writer

When Covid-19 spiked, everyone went into quarantine and all students had to participate in online classes. Having to sit and look at a computer screen for hours at a time can be dangerous for the health of students. Especially with the unethical trends that have been surging and trending on the web. 

“I do believe that students are getting too much exposure to electronics because now they are more inclined to participate in trends they see all over the internet and take it to the extreme extent,” junior Ghazal Habibi said.

Electronics come with both pros and cons. Having a balance of both is something common when using electronics. 

“It’s neutral, a pro that comes with the exposure of my phone is learning a lot more about my culture and other cultures around the world. Although a con that comes with the exposure is that I find myself on TikTok all day when instead I should be completing my school work,” Habibi said.

Schools have been able to turn electronics into positive learning sources and as a tool to help students. Students are able to use them to help with their work and educate themselves about new things. 

“I use my phone as an informative textbook. I like being given the chance to educate myself more on certain subjects with just a click on my phone,” Habibi said.