Cleanliness in Osbourn Highschool bathrooms is Problem

Joseph Adebiyi, Writer

Sophomore, Jayden Kamara believes that the bathrooms could be cleaner with more care.

“I think the bathrooms should be cleaned twice a day,” Kamara said.

Many people, like sophomore Anthony Martinez, think the janitors are doing as much as they can to keep the restrooms clean.

“I think the janitors are doing a really good job cleaning,” Martinez said.

Junior Jose Maximo believes the school bathrooms are not sanitary.

“The school bathrooms are dirty and disgusting to the eye,” Maximo said.

Some students refuse to use the restroom if the conditions are too dirty. 

“ The school bathrooms are dirty and filthy. I walk in and immediately walk out,” junior Kevin Lopez said.

 A lot of students in OHS think people over exaggerate with how dirty the school bathrooms are. Sophomore Dany Reyes believes that the school’s bathrooms are not as dirty as they seem. 

“I think the bathrooms are clean,” Reyes said.