Coming Back From Hibernation

Leila Hogan, Writer

After an unexpected school year of staying home and relying on ZOOM for school, we are in-person for the 2021-2022 school year. There was excitement when students heard they were coming back in-person, seeing friends was definitely a big part of it.

““I was kinda excited when I found out we were coming back to school because I could see my friends,” junior Paul Curry said. 

“I was excited to come back to school because I could see my friends and be able to speak to them in person,” junior Alexis Arevalo said. For high school students, socializing and talking to friends is a big part of school. Even though students didn’t have that during virtual, there were still good things to be said about virtual schooling. 

“[Online schooling] helped me learn how to do things on my own,”junior Sophia Estrada said . High school students also enjoy their sleep and rest times.

“A pro of online school was being able to sleep more,” said Arevalo. We all had to rely on technology to get us through the school year, sometimes technology wouldn’t cooperate with us.

“A con [of online schooling] were the wifi problems,” said Curry. Now that we are rolling through the school year in-person it still feels different. 

“It was weird coming back and seeing everyone again after a year and half,” said Estrada.