Restroom Rules

Radwan Khan, Writer

The first 15, last 10 bathroom rule was set in place to help students focus on their learning, however some students think that the rule may be too harsh as it may lead to negative repercussions.

The first 15, last 10 rule dictates that students can not use the restrooms in the first 15 minutes and the last 10 minutes in their respective class. An example of this rule being beneficial is when a student attempts to wander the halls with a “bathroom pass” at the end of a period, with this rule active they would not be able to wander the halls and disrupt both their and other students’ learning.

Associate Principal Betsy Ingles-Whitaker believes that “[the bathroom rule] will minimize the traffic in the hall during the first 15 and [last] 10 minutes of class.” 

The first 15, last 10 bathroom rule is useful, however students do not fully agree with this rule.

“Maybe [the first 15, last 10 bathroom rule] should be that it’s not really wanted but should still be allowed. Just ‘cause people have emergencies sometimes, especially girls. We don’t know when stuff is coming,” junior Vanessa Nolasco-Infante said. “Like I literally heard girls that have to go to the bathroom, in the first 15 or last 10 minutes and on their way there a teacher will be just like ‘go back to class’ and won’t let them enter the bathroom. Even though they need to, it’s messed up.”

Junior Briseida Gamez Melendez also does not fully agree with the bathroom rule as.

“[the first 15 and last 10 minutes] are sometimes the best times to go to the bathroom during class to not miss your teacher’s lesson,” Gamez Melendez said.

The “devious lick” trend has been circulating across social media such as TikTok, where a student partakes in the unlawful destruction and or thievery on school grounds and posts it on social media. 

Junior Abdul “AJ” Lowe believes that the “devious lick” “will make [first 15, last 10  bathroom rule] more strict on who can go to the bathroom and when.”

Ingles-Whitaker and the administration will evaluate the most efficient practices of the first 15, last bathroom rule and will change it as needed so it would help a student’s learning.

“We are open to any ideas, suggestions to improve all practices we have here at OHS,” Ingles-Whitaker said. “Mr. Pflugrath has met with many student groups to ensure students’ voices are heard.”