Are Dress Codes More Relaxed this Year?

Savannah Fitzgerald, Writer

Osbourn High School students say this year they have the chance to dress more freely.

Although the official dress code has not changed, teachers and administration have not been as regiment in their enforcement of the dress policy.

 “Last time I was in school, you would get dress coded for the little stuff. Now, it’s a lot more relaxed and there’s no issue with it,” senior Aleyssa Castaneda said. “We’re dressing comfortably for us, mentally and physically.” 

Students interviewed were happy with the more relaxed dress code, but some say that there are still some ways the policy could improve.

“I think [the current dress policy] is unfair because it is targeted more toward girls and less toward the guys,” freshman Aria Smith said. “I feel like whatever rules are for the girls should be the same for the guys.” 

“I think if they want to make [the dress code] equal, then there should be an equal amount of limitations,” junior Desiree Paisley said. “Let students dress how they want and dress freely.” 

Most students feel that the dress code should be very limited.

“I don’t think we should [have a dress code]. I feel like students should be able to wear what they want,” senior Nora Keating said. 

“I don’t feel we should have a dress code because, at the end of the day, boys can wear whatever they want, but girls are more restricted when it comes to dress code rules,” Paisley said. 

Despite the relaxed policies, many students know someone who has been dress coded this year. 

“I got dress coded for showing my shoulders. I thought it was stupid.” Smith said. 

“A bunch of my friends have been dress-coded for showing shoulders, wearing crop tops or wearing shorts,” Keating said.